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What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is the science of using different wavelengths of color to improve health and well-being. Each color has their own frequency and a specific function that can be stimulated through colored LED light.
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Shrink Wrap Urban Sweat Lounge is a luxury infrared sauna studio located in the heart of Vancouver. Clients can enjoy sweating in the serenity of their own personal infrared sauna pod, and their own personal studio suite. We also have a European body roller which is great for reducing cellulite as well as lymphatic drainage.

A standard
infrared sauna session is up to 45 minutes long. We encourage clients to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, comfortable clothes to put on after and headphones to listen to your favourite playlist or podcast. Sweating is your body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. Our infrared sauna pods are designed for the deepest most detoxifying sweat through the use of infrared light (heat) using virtually no EMF.

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Infrared sauna for detox


The use of infrared sauna can help your body to detox by producing a deep, purifying sweat at a cellular level, where heavy metals and toxins reside.

Infrared sauna for anti-aging


By stimulating both collagen and elastin production, infrared sauna therapy is known to improve your skin - not only your face, but your whole body.

Infrared sauna for weight loss

Weight loss

Infrared sauna weight loss sessions were shown to burn up to 600-1000 calories. During a sauna weight loss session, core temperatures increase.  

Infrared sauna for improving ciculation

Improve circulation

Infrared sauna therapy increases your heart rate, much like regular cardiovascular exercise. When your heart rate is increased - your blood circulation is also improved.

Infrared sauna for stress relief

Stress relief

Infrared therapy can release serotonin and increase dopamine levels in your brain, much like the "runners high" you get from traditional cardio exercise.

Infrared sauna for immunity


By raising your core body temperature, infrared therapy induces an artificial fever that can help your body fight viruses and infections.

Infrared sauna for healing


By aiding the healing process of your dermis and epidermis skin layers, infrared therapy can assist skin renewal, wound healing and tissue growth.

Infrared sauna for improving sleep

Improve sleep

The soothing infrared heat makes the muscles relax and can help restore sleeping patterns as well as improve your overall quality of sleep.

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