Carly Chadwick + Jenny Beth


Shrink Wrap (SW) Urban Sweat Lounge is a unique, state-of-the-art wellness studio in Vancouver, BC founded by close friends turned business partners Carly Chadwick and Jenny Beth Meischl.

We are two like-minded women who share a passion for wellness and have a holistic outlook on health, beauty and physical fitness. In the summer of 2020, we came together with a vision to open a new type of day spa in Vancouver. Both Jenny and Carly bring a strong business acumen to the partnership, complemented by artistic flair and an eye for style.

We both know that living a busy, active lifestyle means taking care of yourself. Carly is a former competitive figure skater and Jenny is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor and lover of the outdoors. We’ve had plenty of experience with injuries, joint pain and sore muscles over the years, and we understand first-hand the therapeutic benefits that infrared sauna treatments can offer when it comes to full-body recovery and relaxation.  

As avid travellers, we’ve visited health spas, workout studios and wellness resorts around the world to get inspired and learn about modern and traditional practices from different cultures and countries. When developing our plans for SW, we wanted to draw on that international experience to bring sophisticated technologies, luxurious amenities and exceptional services from across the globe to our clients here on the West Coast.

Located in the heart of Yaletown, SW is a full-service studio where our guests come to escape, unwind, relax and reset before getting back to their busy lives.

We can’t wait to see you sweat.