The Shrink Wrap Standard of health and safety.

The Health & safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. Since we opened in these unprecedented times our protocols are brand new and Vancouver Coastal Health approved. Our plan is designed to keep our clients and staff safe. Here is what you can expect:

Our Deep-Cleaning Process

Top-grade disinfectant & more frequent cleaning.

  • Staff will use a disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19 in all common areas before and after check-ins—with a heightened attention to machines and all high-touch surfaces after every session. We’ll also be cleaning the studio from top to bottom twice as often per week.

Disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

  • After every session, we’ll disinfect doorknobs, handles, rails, light switches, sanitizing stations, benches, the front desk, keyboards, computers, phones, and staff equipment.

All Solo pods & roller machines disinfected.

  • After every session, every Solo pod/roller in the studio will be thoroughly disinfected—even if not in use.

Staff face masks & gloves.

  • Staff will be required to wear face masks and gloves during their shift. After deep cleaning, they’ll wash their hands before refreshing gloves and masks as needed.

Top-grade disinfectant, with electrostatic distribution.

  • The new disinfectant allows us to spray more evenly, gets hard-to-reach crevices, clings to every surface it coats, and is proven to kill viruses like COVID-19. Staff will use this on surfaces in all common areas before and after check-ins, with a special attention to machines and all high-touch surfaces after every session.

Before You Sweat

Staff health check.

  • Every staff member will have their temperature checked before their shift. When necessary, we’ll follow our elevated temperature protocol.

Health Declarations.

  • Before coming in to the studio, you must sign a Health Declaration stating that you agree to the health and safety parameters put in place by our governments. You’ll be able to do this in your app before checking in.

High-touch amenities.

  • To limit hand-to-hand contact, we’re removing complimentary phone charging. Face wipes will be behind the desk, available upon request.

Staff hospitality and safety.

  • Your studio staff is here to help, from a safe distance. We’ve put a protocol in place that limits staff from leaving the front desk, aside from studio cleaning. When absolutely necessary, staff will (safely) assist clients.

Cancel by the deadline.

  • To allow as many clients as possible, we’ll be strictly enforcing our cancellation policy—please remember to cancel at least 12 hours in advance.

COMING SOON: Touchless hand sanitizer.

  • Motion-activated stations will dispense sanitizer with a higher alcohol concentration. We’ll have one station at the lobby entrance, and one by the studio door. In the meantime, we’ll have hand sanitizer available in the studio as usual.

Checking In

Digital check in.

  • Our hands-free process lets us check you in and out

Social distancing practices.

  • Our staff will work to get clients in and out of the studio, while maintaining social distancing practices. To help we will provide markers in areas to indicate a safe distance in the lounge area. We ask that you avoid waiting for sessions in these high-traffic areas, and consider waiting outside or in your car if you’re comfortable and weather permits it.

Face coverings and gloves.

  • Masks or face coverings are recommended to be worn. Gloves are highly encouraged. Please bring your own, as we will not be supplying these.
  • We highly suggest bringing only the necessities.

Client Responsibility:

Keeping each other safe.

We’ve put a lot of procedures in place—with details beyond what you see here. The way our new safety process will be most effective is if we all make sure to do our part in it.

Aside from respecting the safety guidelines put in place by our governments, we ask that any client coming to a studio walks in with the approach we should take for most things: Go above and beyond for each other.

Please make sure to practice social distancing when in close, shared spaces like common space and bathrooms.

If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the studio until you’re symptom-free and fever-free for three days.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into close contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative for COVID-19.

If you feel unwell or have any concerns about coming in to sweat, please stay home and stay safe.

We’re encouraging clients and staff to limit person-to-person contact, including hugs & high fives.

We’re continuing to monitor the situation.

In the event that there is a reported case of COVID-19 in our studio and you were potentially in contact with the individual, you’ll be notified immediately. From there, we’ll take the proper safety precautions to disinfect the studio from top to bottom.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us